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Eurogolf Presidents Putter and Tuesday TOFFS

On Thursday 25th January Eurogolf played a  stableford off the blocks for the Presidents Putter Trophy.

The results were  Cat 1 1st Pino Perito 39 c/b 2nd Bob Buckeridge 39 3rd Karen Simpson 39 Cat 2 1st Steve Sayers 37 c/b 2nd Gary Grierson 37 3rd Bob Adkins 36 Cat 3 1st Kevin Bonser 41 2nd Morag Turner 39 3rd David Valentine 38 Cat 4 1st Frances Buckeridge 25 2nd Gill Gordon 21 3rd Franco Gentili 20 

NTP´s 5th John Barraclough 11th Bob Buckeridge 12th in 2 Linda Lynch 15th Bert Lawson  17th David Valentine  Best front 9 John Barraclough 22 Best back 9 Ken Enever 22  Football draw Pete Gartside Ken Enever David Valentine Gary Grierson and Karen Simpson. President Debbie Weedon was pleased to present overall winner Kevin Bonser with the trophy and a bottle of Cava.


On Tuesday  23rd  January Toffs played their weekly stableford competition in perfect conditions for golf and some good scores were recorded.

The results were .Cat 1 (0-15) 1st Fred Reeve 39 2nd Bill Martin 38 c/b 3rd  John Kirkwood 38 Cat 2 (16-22)  1st Debbie Weedon 40 2nd Martin Welsh 38 3rd  Glenn Roberts 38 Cat 3 (23-28)  1st Hadge Armstrong 41 2nd Chris Stanley 37 3rd Bob Adkins 35 Cat 4 (29+) 1st Lauraine Walker 42 2nd  Frances Buckeridge 29 c/b 3rd Sue Pegg 29 

Overall Toffs winner Lauraine Walker 

Best front 9 Alan Venables 21 Best back 9 Felix Mallon 22  NTPs 5th Ken Enever 11th David Blanchette 12th in 2 David Blanchette 15th Kevin Bonser 17th Bob Adkins Football draw Peter Sanderson Monique Reeve Bev Fairhurst x 2 and Keith Wright.

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Eurogolf/Toffs New Year Press Report

Thursday 4th January 2018  The first game of the New Year we played a Yellow Peril Team game with 52 players taking part.  The weather was very warm and pleasant resulting in some excellent scores.   Congratulations to the winning team captained by Pete Gartside. 

1st P. Gartside, A. Lawson, J. Fairhurst, J. Cross 151 pts

2nd P. Perito, R. Richards, R. Porter, M. Reeve 145pts.

3rd T. Forbes, I. Pegg, G. Manning, C. Daye Gretton 142pts.

NTP’s:    5th S, Forbes , 11th T. Forbes ,  12th (in two) P. Gartside , 15th S. Forbes, 17th J. Cross                   

Football Draw:  A. Crammon 9, S. Horne 12, P. Manning 46, D. Nicholls 60, Grierson 90.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018 Another good turnout for our first Toffs game of 2018.  Well done to all our prize winners, especially Arty Crammon, our overall winner this week.

Results were as follows:

Overall Winner:  A. Crammon 40pts.

Cat. 1: 1st A. Crammon 40pts, 2nd F. Mallon 35pts, 3rd A. Cowley 34pts. 

Cat. 2:  1st S. Sayers 39pts , 2nd C. Horne 36pts, 3rd J. Fairhurst  34pts.

Cat. 3:  1st J. Lynch 33pts (c/b), 2nd M. Reeve 33pts (c/b), 3rd P. Venables 32pts.

Cat. 4:  1st B. Jones 40pts, 2nd S. Pegg 39pts, P. Sanderson 30pts.

NTP’s:  5th F. Mallon, 11th S. Sayers, 12th (in two) D. Nicholls,

15th T. Forbes,  17th P. Manning.            CBA: 0

Best Front 9: J. Kirkwood 17pts.          Best Back 9:  M. Welsh 18pts.

Football Draw: L. Lynch 3, F. Reeve 90, A. Crammon 9, R. Richards 46, T Forbes 89.

Finally, best wishes to all our members and families, especially those who aren’t feeling too good at the moment, let’s look forward to a happy and healthy 2018.

If you would like more information about our friendly Societies please visit our website

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Eurogolf/Toffs Press Report

One of the highlights of our schedule, played on Thursday 14th December, the Christmas Texas Scramble, 60 players turned up before 8.00am to enjoy a glass of warm mulled wine and then set off to do battle.   

This was followed by a delicious Lunch at The Clubhouse, joined by members’ wives and Guests.  The Christmas spirit was much in evidence, lots of Xmas hats, tinsel and generally being silly, well sillier than normal!!!

Thanks to Felix Mallon’s wife, Brenda for making a gorgeous Xmas Chocolate Log which was auctioned off raising funds for the Captain’s Charity, Caritas, and the Captain thanked everyone for their generous donations to the Christmas Card Appeal, again, funds going to his Charity.

Congratulations to the winning team of P. Perito, D. Horne, J. Lynch and Bev Evans scoring 59.5.  2nd P. Cleaver, R. Richards, M. Reeve and C. Green on 59.8, 3rd A. Crammon, D. Blanchette, J. Hill and Mary Sanderson.

NTP’s: 5th S. Sayers, 11th M. Sanderson,  12th (in two) D. Horne,  15th R. Richards, 17th G. Lavender. Football Draw:  C. Horne 15, F. Reeve 19, P. Venables 20, B. Buckeridge 28, Crammon 33, M. Turner 45, S. Sayers 52, A. Cook 63, G. Ashworth 83.

Captain’s Cava Prizes: C. Horne, G. Lavender, B. Fairhurst, K. Brett.

Tuesday 5th December Not quite so cold this week, no delays, 72 players taking part in our weekly Toffs Stableford.  Well done all our prize winners, especially Keith Wright, our overall winner this week.

Results were as follows: Overall Winner:  K. Wright 42pts.

Cat. 1: 1st K. Wright 42pts, 2nd P. Manning 36pts, 3rd F. Mallon 35pts. 

Cat. 2:  1st D. Blanchette 40pts, 2nd G. Bourne 34pts (c/b) 3rd S. Low 34pts (c/b)

Cat. 3:  1st J. Holland 39pts, 2nd G. Evans 38pts, 3rd D. Bailey 37pts.

Cat. 4:  1st C. Stanley 40pts, 2nd S. Pegg 36pts, M.Sanderson 34pts.

 NTP’s:  5th C. Daye Gretton, 11th B. Buckeridge, 12th (in two) S. Sayers,

15th P. Manning,   17th P. Venables. CBA: 0

Best Front 9: G. Grierson 23pts. Best Back 9:  J. Fairhurst 19.

Football Draw: J. Kirkwood 1, A. Cook 32, F. Buckeridge 87, C. Stanley 56, F. Mallon 21.

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