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T.M.G.S. @ Villamartin 15/8/18

Just 30 members and guests were present to take part in our weekly Stableford competition. Rain and storms were on the forecast and at one point we did feel a spot of rain but that’s all it was, a spot!! However storm clouds were building which resulted in a strength sapping humidity.

This did not however hinder some players from returning good scores or maybe it enhanced the chances of Kenny “Isaac” Hunter from “almost” making an eagle on the 18th, the emphasis being “almost” no doubt he will be telling this story for a few weeks to come. Kenny did have a good day though; taking away 2 very nice bottles of rioja for his N.T.P.’s on holes 6 & 17 and just missing out on the top podium place on handicap.

The other 2 N.T.P.’s went to the Captain (John Eyre) and to Les Wilton who only renewed his membership before play. Our Society is renowned for being friendly so could members who have finished their game please leave the 18th green before marking and signing cards, remember to be courteous to the players behind.

Our 2’s pot was rolled over from last week and now contained €64 and the only 2 this week was made by Captain, John Eyre. It must be noted that his tee shot on the 10th did not pass the ladies tee (and that’s being generous) normally that would cost him a round of drinks but after winning the 2’s pot he suggested that we go to dinner at the local fish and chip shop unfortunately after the presentation he was nowhere to be found, don’t worry John we won’t forget!

Other results were; best guest R. Bond 36 points. Silver category; 3rd  80 + years old  R. Rea 36, 2nd G. Sorby 37, 1st the best round of my life, A. Skinner 37 on L/H.Gold category; 3rd B. McMenamin 33 on L/H, 2nd K. Hunter 34, 1st Captain John Eyre 34 on L/H. All at T.M.G.S. would like to wish our 76 years old Swedish bandit, Lennart Holmberg a very happy birthday.

Check out our away day trip to Albacete in September at or

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T.M.G.S. travel to Alenda Golf for our monthly visit 25/7/18

With many members returning to their native lands (to avoid the heat of July and August) just 6 4 balls made their way along the AP7 and A31 to Alenda.

Upon arrival it appeared that we would not be the only group low on numbers, there were just a handful of cars in the car park. This should result in a quick competition and for the 1st group so it proved to be, they took just 3hr. 15m. Unfortunately some of the following groups seemed to be out there to enjoy the course and the weather! 

Every competitor should respect the rules of etiquette and fair play, come on guys you know who you are; do I need to say more?

The course was again presented in excellent condition and with almost no wind high scores were expected however only one player managed to break par, after his winning 39 points last week at Villamartin Henry Steele followed that up today with 40 points, the best score of the day.

It was mentioned to him that apart from the regulation cut to his handicap if he did this again next week he could also expect a cut on general play to which he replied, I’m going home this weekend see you in September.

Don’t worry Henry your new handicap will be waiting for you when you return. Results: N.T.P.’s hole3 H. Steele, hole 5 H. Arvesen, hole 13 D. Sullivan, hole 16 J. Dean. Paul Bradley was the only lucky player to make a 2, so he is taking his €20 back to Ireland this week.

Only one guest this week, but we always give a guest prize, so Mr. P Gilbody is now the proud owner of a Society bag towel. Silver cat: 3rd J. Mahoney 32 pts. 2nd L. Holmberg 32pts. L/H, 1st J. Nicholls 35 pts. Gold cat. 3rd O. Rong 33 pts. 2nd P. Bradley 34 pts. 1st H. Steele 40 pts.

Photo. N.T.P. Winners.

We celebrate our 6th anniversary at La Marquesa on the 8/8 followed by a meal and presentation in clubhouse restaurant.

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Lennart Holmberg makes his 1st hole in one with T.M.G.S. at La Marquesa

13 is certainly a lucky number for our Swedish member Lennart Holmberg, today he fulfilled a dream of hitting a hole in one which he did on the par3 11th at La Marquesa. Showing true Swedish character he invited all members to join him with a glass of cava, although he did receive a little help with the bill from the Society funds.

Alas his final total of 32 points left him just outside of the podium places in his new category (Silver) after scoring 40 points recently at Mar Menor. Nevertheless, well done Lennart. Even the 2’s pot was shared out between 4 members, giving T. Roed and S. Hill with birdies on hole 17, J.

Dean managed birdies at hole 5 and 17 each birdie being worth €8. Weather and course conditions were excellent for enjoying a days’ golf with the greens recovering nicely after the recent hollow tinning.

This months’ latest addition to the course is a neon sign situated by the first tee, it reminds players to be courteous to fellow players and maintain a good place of play. Last week’s European tour event in Austria saw a new format in place, i.e. the clock; briefly every player was put on the clock for each shot or would receive a penalty of one shot. Maybe not surprisingly some groups actually managed 18 holes in 4 hours or less, so if they can do it why shouldn’t everyone. Slow play has always been a problem and this shows that it doesn’t have to be. Come guys (and girls) stay close to the group in front and NOT in front of the group behind.

Results; N.T.P.’s hole 5 J.Dean, Hole 11 L. Holmberg, hole 15 S. Hill, hole 17 nada. Best guest this week and for the 2nd week running was Mrs. J. Van Der Kooi.  That was her 3rd game as a visitor so now she must become a member next time. Bronze; 3rd T. Jones 27 points off a handicap of being 87 years young. Well done Tom.

In 2nd place was Tom’s gym slip partner Pearl Sabine with 30 points (age withheld, Tom doesn’t want an investigation into his cradle snatching although Pearl will be eligible for free membership to the Society next year, that’s an exclusive club for over the 80’s)

Silver cat:3rd N. Allen 32, T. Roed 32 L/H 1st D. Sullivan 34. Gold cat; 3rd S. Hill 29, 2nd O. Rong 32, 1st K. Winton 34.

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T.M.G.S. at Alenda Golf 25/4/18

Of the 36 members scheduled to play a Stableford competition, 34 made the journey in spite of the threat of rain. As it turns out they were justified as the rain didn´t appear until late in the afternoon when only our last group were still out on the course and had it not been for a couple of our groups playing slowly even they would not have gotten wet!

Slow Play! Probably the worst thing to experience in golf, having to wait to take your shot just seems to kill the pleasure of the game. I would urge all players to consider the players in the following group and give them the opportunity to enjoy their game also, after all the game should be played with consideration to all other players on the course or at least that’s how I read the etiquette section of the rule book!

The course was in its usual good condition and nice to see that the tee repairs from last month are now well and truly on their way to full recovery. The flag positions on some of the greens did however make the approach shots a little tricky and this was probably the reason that no one broke par.

The 2´s pot was carried over from last week´s visit to H.D.A. so adding in this week´s subs meant that the 2 lucky winners took away €35 each both making birdies on hole 16, well done to J. Hillier and P. Mahoney. Our only visitor this week was P. Wainwright who managed to score 28 points to take the visitors prize. Bronze cat; 3rd M. Myhrvold 31, 2nd P. O´Dowd 32,  1st Birthday girl, Sandra Twentyman 34.

Silver cat; 3rd O. Rong 35, 2nd J. Hillier 35 1st D. Sullivan 35 (L/H) Gold cat; 3rd G. Gooch 32, 2nd J. Imrie 32 (L/H) 1st S. Sonesen 35.

Photo; Bronze cat winners.

Visitors are always welcome so if you´re interested in joining us on a Wednesday you can find all the necessary info at or

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T.M.G.S. @ Altorreal (Murcia) 21/3/18

After a couple of no shows (they will be dealt with) 46 members and guests made the hour long journey down the A7 to Altorreal to play a Stableford competition.

Greeted by a bitterly cold wind one could have thought that they were anywhere in northern Europe but certainly not SPAIN! AS Altorreal is exposed to the elements at the best of times it was looking to be a hard day’s work instead of a pleasant round of golf.

The course could be seen to be recovering from its winter hibernation with the fairways slowly turning back to green, no painted fairways here! The greens however were a little indifferent, some a little slow and others a little fast.

Unusually the Bronze category players seemed to fair the best with the 2 players breaking par came from that category. Results: N.T.P.´s Hole 5 J. Hettrick, Hole 8 H. Steele, Hole 10 V. Brown and Hole 17 Mrs. T. Roed.

The winners of the 2´s pot were H. Woerdemann and E. Sheridan taking home €19 each. Our best guest this week was E. Conduit with 32 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd G. Sorby 33, 2nd P. O´Dowd 37, 1st J. Dursley 39. Silver cat: 3rd B. Gillies 3o, K. Hunter 31, K. Houpalahti 33. Gold cat: 3rd H. Steele 32, 2nd H. Woerdemann 34, 1st S. Sonesen 35.

Dates for your diary: 11/4/18 Captain´s Day, 28/29 May 2 day golf trip to Albacete. All information regarding these events and more can be found at or on our Facebook Page TMGSGOLF our secretary can be contacted on 661 524 101

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T.M.G.S. welcomes in 2018 at Campoamor 

Almost 50 members and guests turned up for our usual early start only to be greeted with strong winds very similar to last week’s visit to Alenda which had to be abandoned for that very reason.

However Campoamor being closer to the coast the golf course was playable. Members found that the course was playing almost its full length and that at long last the 6th green was now back in play.

The course was in good condition and what your saw as green was actually grass and not paint! The greens were extremely fast causing a few putting problems for some but all-in-all provided a good challenge. Note; we had one complaint, a certain member complained that he could not reach the greens on the long par 3’s it was pointed out to him that this is the reason that he receives 2 strokes on his handicap, not that he needs to be on in two (which he can) but three + 2 putts =5 nett 3, some people are hard to please.

The 2’s pot has been rolled and now contained €175 this was a belated Christmas present to our German member Hermes Woerdemann it was his first competition with us since last spring and he was the only player to make a 2, well done Hermes! Today’s results: N.T.P.’s Hole 4 C. Kinnerfeldt, hole 6 T. Norris, Hole 10 J. Dean, hole 15 NADA, hole 17 B. Gillies. Best Visitors; 2nd P. Lars 28 pts. 1st Mrs. C. Kinnerfeldt 30 pts.

Bronze cat: 3rd A. Goslan 28 pts, 2nd Mrs. K.Alm 28 pts. L/H, 1st J. Hillier 32 pts. Silver cat: 3rd A. Rickers 26 pts, 2nd J. Hettrick 31 pts. 1st A. Kilnes 36 pts. Gold cat: 3rd K. Winton 28 pts, 2nd C. Landaas 33 pts. 1st B. Gillies 34 pts.

Photo: Bronze cat winners. Checkout our new calendar for 2018 at

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T.M.G.S. Christmas Competition at La Marquesa 13/12/17

As the festive season approaches 40 members and guests played our annual Christmas Texas scramble at La Marquesa this was followed by an excellent Christmas Dinner in the clubhouse restaurant.

As in recent years special occasions are paid for from Society funds and this more than value for money meal was no exception.

Most members wanted to show their Christmas spirt and dressed accordingly, bright red could be seen on all parts of the course except for one person, Karin Alm who kindly showed the rest of us how in centuries gone by just how Christmas was celebrated in Sweden she was dressed as follows. In Sweden, Christmas begins with Saint Lucia ceremony on 13th of December.

Lucia was a Christian virgin who sacrificed herself for her devout faith in Christianity in the 4th century at Syracuse. The ceremony is held in her honour and is quite recent and is often associated with the traditional thanksgiving for the return of the sun. On this day, the youngest daughter from each family puts on a white robe with a red sash before dawn and wears a crown of evergreens with tall-lighted candles attached to it.

Just a short history lesson, thank you Karin!

Again the golf course was in good condition although a few fairways could be seen to be turning beige with the recent cold weather but playing great as usual. Results: N.T.P.’s hole 5 Ole Rong, hole 11 Bill Gillies, hole 15 Norbert Spaniol, hole 17 Sandra Twentyman. 3rd place team: N. Spaniol/L. Holmberg/L. Jernberg/K. Persson 63.3 2nd place team: J. Imrie/R. Rea/O. Haubner/C. Oatley 62.2 winning team: T. Roed/O. Rong/K. Aasebo/R. Nilsen 60.9  to see our members enjoying their Christmas meal.

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T.M.G.S. @Alicante Golf 29/11/17

Our original start sheet showed in excess of 24 members to play at this venue. Alas on Tuesday evening they were all calling to ask if we had cancelled it due to the heavy rain that had been forecast.

The Secretary insisted that the competition would go ahead and that the forecast was not always correct! The 11 members that did actually turn up to play were rewarded with a course that was in great condition with ONLY our 11 members on it and yes, you’ve guessed it we had almost no rain!

The buggies were confined to the cart paths which did mean a little walking, especially if you were playing on the other side of the fairway, in fact thee course was almost dry and the buggies could have been used as normal.

However this did not dampen our day’s enjoyment and we completed our round in just 4hr. 10 mins. Results: N.T.P.’s Hole 3 D. Sullivan, Hole 6 O. Rong, Hole 8 J. Dean, Hole 12 S. Sonesen, Hole 15 NADA, Hole 17 B. Gillies. Sverre Sonesen and Bill Gillies also made 2’s and shard just €10 for doing so. 3rd Place Kenny “Isaac” Hunter 31 pts. 2nd Place Bill Gillies 32 pts. 1st Sverre Sonesen 32 points but on lower handicap.

Photo: competition participants. To catch up on all of our Societies activities log on to or visit us via Facebook @TMGSGOLF. Call our Secretary on 661 524 101

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T.M.G.S. Travel to Alenda 22/11/17

39 members and guests made the now seemingly short journey along the AP7/A31 for our monthly visit to this well liked course. With our first tee time approaching 11am a rise in temperature seemed to match the expectations of the members.

The calm still conditions and the course in good condition with fast greens good scores were anticipated. Two members would not be disappointed but for most of us the greens seemed to have won. What is a pleasure is that our round now only takes a little over 4 hours, Alenda have changed the tee times from every 8 mins to 10 and my word it really does make a difference.

Results for today’s competition: N.T.P.’s hole 3 A. Alm , hole 5 L. Roevik, hole 13 K. Houpalahti, hole 16 NADA. After last weeks’ 2’s pot was shared between six members, this week’s €36 was shared between Joe Dean and Sverre Sonesen.

Our best guest this week was Willem Van Der Kooi with 32 pts. Bronze cat: 3rd J. Hillier 32 pts. 2nd L. Holmberg 37 pts. 1st A. Goslan 41 pts. Silver cat. 3rd M. Kennedy 32 pts. 2nd G. Smith 34 pts. 1st A. Alm 35 pts. Gold cat. 3rd J. Eyre 29 pts L/H 2nd N. Spaniol 32 pts. 1st G. Cromm 33 pts.

Photo: Bronze category winners.

To catch up with all of our events please visit or  to contact our secretary call 661524101

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T.M.G.S. @ El Valle 15/11/17

40 members and guests assembled at El Valle for this week’s Stableford competition. Our tee time of 11, 36 meant that we had to get a move-on if everyone should finish before dark.

Well, our first group teed off on time only to find a large Swedish group in front of them, El Valle has quite a walk between some of the holes so inevitably it took them 5 hours, this put a little pressure on our last groups with the last two group playing the last two holes in almost darkness and as you can see from the photo the presentation WAS in darkness.

The course was in good condition with the greens being a little on the tricky side, well that was my opinion but it appears that 6 other members found them easy there being 6 birdies on the par 3’s apart from this, the golf course won today with only one person breaking par.

Results: N.T.P.’s Hole 6 Shelia Dean, Hole 9 Sandy Hill, Hole 12 NADA,  Hole 15 Kai Krog. 2’s winners: S. Dean, A. Alm, K. Alm, M. Kennedy, L. Jernberg, K. Hunter. Best visitor T. Svensen 31 pts. Bronze cat. 3rd T. Finne 27 pts. 2nd M. Mhyrvold 32 pts. 1st. A. Alm 36 pts. Silver cat. 3rd K. Krog 30 pts. 2nd M. Kennedy 31 pts. 1st A. Alm 36 pts. Gold cat. 3rd H. Arvesen 31pts. L/H 2nd K. Winton 32 pts. 1st S. Sonesen 33 pts.

Photo. N.T.P. Winners.

For more info about our Society or  call our Secretary on 661 524 101

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